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 Family Service

During our family services the Word of God is exposed.

Simultaneously we have Sunday school classes for children and nursery.

Service Morning 9:00 AM 

Service Morning 11:00 AM 

Service Evening 5:00 PM

More ministries

Grandparents Ministry

The grandparents ministry is for the older brothers and sisters, if you know any elderly brother or sister, this ministry is the right one for you.

Youth +18

Ministry for college students or young people 18 years of age and older

Marriage Ministry

The marriage ministry is designed to edify every married couple in our church.

Flourishing in the Word

Ministry to edify every sister in our church who is single.

Worship Ministry

The Worship Ministry is formed by members of the congregation who are musicians and wish to serve God with the talents He has given them.

Media Ministry

The media ministry is in charge of multimedia production in order to bring the Word of God through the Internet.

Discipleship Courses

For spiritual growth, a sequence of 9 discipleship courses are offered

                   DIS005    Basic Doctrines I
                   DIS010    Basic Doctrines II
                   DIS015    Personal evangelism
                   DIS020    Discovering your gifts
                   DIS025    How to study the Bible?
                   DIS030    My experience with God
                   DIS035    The Christian family

                   DIS040    How to educate children

                   DIS045    Be free

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