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Meetings Friday


Jr. & Sr. High - Fridays


Each Friday night the Jr. & Sr. high youth groups gather to enjoy some God-centered fellowship time which includes: age-appropriate games, snacks, youth-led praise and worship time, and a message from God's Word aimed at problems faced by today's teens.

Youth Ministry

The youth ministry covers young people from 12 to 18 years of age.


The young people over 12 years old until the end of their high school studies, have their meeting every Friday in which they have a service dedicated especially for them, with praises, dynamics and exposition of the word of God.

In these meetings, recreational activities are carried out to promote coexistence and, at the end, a refreshment.

Youth Friday

The youth meetings are held every Friday at 7:00 PM in the facilities of the North Merida Baptist Church, in our meetings we have integration dynamics, games, praises, message of the Word of God and a small dinner.

Youth Camp

Every year a youth camp is held with the network of churches, the camp consists of going to a retreat center to carry out activities, with the purpose of bringing young people closer to God.


Bible study for young people.

To reinforce the teaching of the Friday Bible message, the youth are given a weekly devotional with a short Bible study that will help them create the habit of personal Bible study.

You can download the devotional to be able to do it day by day, the devotional may be a little short, but it is advisable to complement it with a personal reading in the Bible.

Summer camps


During the month of July-August, a youth camp is organized among the church network


The youth camps stand out for their spiritual approach and conviviality

Ninguno tenga en poco tu juventud, sino sé ejemplo de los creyentes en palabra,  conducta, amor, espíritu, fe y pureza.
1Ti 4:12




New works

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