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Iglesias Bautistas en merida

New Works

We have expanded our ministry in Yucatan with the start of three new churches.


In June 2009, the Lord allowed a group of leaders from North Merida Baptist Church, began this new missionary work.


This work is growing and so far is virtually self-sufficient in economic terms.


Following the model of spiritual growth, discipleship classes are taught, weekly prayer meetings, evangelism planned youth meeting on Friday and Sunday services for adults and children.



Pastor Jesús Alejandro Mendoza Martín



  • Calle 30 Diagonal #492-F x 38 y 40 Col. Azcorra (Canto)

  • Ciudad de Mérida, Yucatán, México.


This work is located in a community of about 3000 inhabitants in the municipality of Merida.


After some months of work of evangelism and Bible studies in private homes, on July 8, 2012, the Lord allowed the opening of a local congregation meetings.


This project is in charge of Pastor Jose Yam and his wife Maria Fernanda Barroso who graduated from our Bible Baptist Seminary.


Currently there are Sunday services for children and adults, prayer services every Wednesday and classes for children.

Pastor José Yam y Familia



  • Calle 21 No.60 por 10 Y 12A, Comisaría San José Tzal. C.P. 97315. Yucatán, México.

In June 2015 God allows the inauguration of the fourth church in Mérida, in the neighborhood of Ciudad Caucel. This area of the city is relatively new, with large number of young families, so it´s a great evangelistic oppotunity in the city.
This church currently has about 60 members, with a Sunday service for children and adults in the afternoon and a prayer service on Wednesdays.

Following the same pattern of spiritual growth, church discipleship courses and connection with the Baptist Bible Seminary are taught.

Pastor Erick A. Rico Camacho



  • Avenida 71 #622 por 64 y 62-A. Fraccionamiento Ciudad Caucel, Mérida Yucatán.

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